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Paranormal Activity 3

Canadian Cinephile


The Paranormal Activity saga continues with the third entry in the series, a prequel that is supposed to explain the events of the first two movies. It is set 18 years prior to the first two flicks apparently, although the incessant presence of the video camera (clunky as it may be), fashion and décor is straight modern times.

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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Making Love On Bed(Photos)


Is this justin bieber And Selena Gomez??
Look at the photo from Selena Gomez’s instagram.We can see a love couple on bed………………..

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Justin Bieber Dark Color Hair Dyed


Do you like http://goo.gl/gB8iZ new style?
No more Trump Hair……………….

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Golden Globe’s Glamour


Yes, it has been quite a while. Sorry! After the fun of the holidays, a cold, & a couple of frustrating incidences with people who apparently can’t do their jobs coupled with continued not-working (a.k.a. laziness, feelings of uselessness, & some projecting), I just wasn’t in the proper mood or making proper time for proper blogging – very un-proper of me. One thing that can get me properly pumped is award show season – finally something positive about post-Christmas winter! I can’t help it. I enjoy the glam, the shows, the fashion, & the speeches.

Que the Golden Globes! Ricky Gervais (the return host) compared the Globes to the Oscars as Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton; now, while I would not insult the Globes in that manner or assume the Oscars could be as fab as the Duchess, I get what he was going for. The Golden Globes are definitely…

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One Tree Hill